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With nearly twenty years of production experience in Kentucky, we have the expertise, resources and connections to help your project run smoothly.

Our Services

We offer a full complement of production services to cover your needs before, during, and after your shoot.


Our extensive local ties will ensure you access the best of Kentucky filmmaking. The right planning and personnel will put your production costs in front of the camera, not behind it.

location scouting

Location Services

Our team has filmed statewide over the last three decades, making us ideally suited to connect your production with the perfect location.

community relations

Community Relations

Our reputation as long-standing supporters of Kentucky production has created strong relationships with local authorities who are essential to the filmmaking process.

incentive application

Incentive Application

We can guide you through the entire process of applying, qualifying, and submitting for state production tax incentives.


Storyboards, Pre-Viz

Our artists can map out your key sequences prior to production, increasing the likelihood of successful execution on set.


From award winning feature films to viral branded content, our work speaks for itself. We are passionate about bringing production to Kentucky and love working with passionate people.

production coordination

Production Coordination

Our experienced professionals help you get the most out of your schedule and foster collaboration between departments.

location management

Location Management

Managing permits, coordinating security, interacting with location contacts, we will make sure nothing is overlooked when it comes to you location needs.

licensed armorer

Licensed Armorer

Our team includes a licensed armorer who will keep your cast and crew safe and your shots cinematic.

graphic and credit design

Graphic and Credit Design

Product labels, phone app animations, signage, main title design, and more. Our graphic and motion designers can help you from the opening titles and to the final credit crawl.

production sound

Production Sound

Great production sound is what separates the amateurs from the pros. Let our state of the art equipment and experienced professionals record your on-set sound cleanly and accurately.

behind the scenes content

Behind the Scenes Content

Our team of photographers and videographers can create a BTS package that is invaluable to your film’s marketing efforts.

Post Production

From industrial videos to music videos, from commercials to features, our experienced post production experts have all the experience necessary to propel your project across the finish line.

editorial and vfx

Editorial + VFX

Our team of experienced editors and visual effects artists has everything you need to turn your raw footage into a locked picture.

music licensing

Music Licensing + Production

Our network of talented musicians and licensing professionals can provide and procure the music that’s perfect for both your film and your budget.

sound design and mixing

Sound Design + Mixing

Experienced in-house sound designers work with you to create an auditory atmosphere that perfectly compliments your project.

About PollardFilm

PollardFilm Production Services is your one-stop resource for content production in Kentucky. With offices in Louisville and Los Angeles, we have the experience and industry connections to aid in any stage of the filmmaking process.

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